Neural Earth D.A.O.

A Blockchain Based and Decentralized Autonomous Property Development Organization

Neural Network Patterned - Cutting Edge Technology Applied - Truly Remarkable Results

What The Internet Did to Mail

The Neural Networks of the Brain are Extremely Efficient

Block Chain is Doing to Economics

Without Red Tape, Corrupt Greed, Blind Immorality

When decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) blew up last year, the web3 community quickly realized that forming legal entities around their operations could save them a lot of trouble. Legal entities could limit the liabilities of their participants, increase certainty about tax jurisdiction, and make it easier to transact with the real world.

Before lawmakers wrapped their heads around DAOs, a number of projects used existing U.S. legal structures, such as unincorporated nonprofit associations, cooperatives, and LLCs. However, none of these options were created with blockchain in mind. 

Things changed when some U.S. states passed legislation to create new types of legal entities custom-made for DAOs and crypto-native companies, including Vermont’s BBLLC, Wyoming’s DAO LLC, and Tennessee’s DO LLC.

As the first of its kind, Neural Earth DAO, is a property development organization built solely to help and benefit human beings who will be living within or moving between the communities designed by the DAO. 

Never before has a community been designed for anything other than profit. As digital, physical or snowbird community members and therefore stakeholders, everyone involved in Neural Earth DAO will experience unprecedented growth and opportunity to unplug from society, heal and then re-plugin as they desire.  

Putting aside the immoral human goal of profit off of the labor of other human beings, Neural Earth DAO will give people a synapses-like living environment that is patterned after the most intelligent system found on earth, NEURAL NETWORKS IN THE BRAIN. Humanity must heal if it wishes to survive and thrive!