With the XUMM APP you can sign in directly to the xrpl.to site and trade for $NED right from your mobile device. Below is $NED live XRPL DEX

You'll need 10 XRP to fund you XUMM wallet and 2 XRP for the $NED Trustline

You can acquire XRP here https://wallet.uphold.com/signup?referral=110564950f 

 You can set up XUMM here https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xumm/id1492302343 

You can transfer XRP from uphold to XUMM wallet by following this simple how to video

You can set up a trustline to $NED at this link here https://xrpl.to/trustset/neural-earth-dao-ned 

You can trade for $NED here https://xrpl.to/token/neural-earth-dao-ned/trade